DM Editorial Consultants is proud to be listed on UC Davis’ Office of Research’s freelance editorial webpage.

“DM Editorial is Amazing! My personal consultant guided me from being unsure and nervous to confident and assured in my writing! DMeditorial consultants is awesome!”


“My thought-process was trapped in writer’s block. So my consultant allowed me to bounce my ideas off her. I sent her emails and text messages that were paragraphs long to obtain her feedback. She worked with me to help me brainstorm ideas and narrow down chapters. Finally, after I revised my thesis proposal with a narrowed subject, thesis and chapters, I emailed it to her. She not only edited any grammar mistakes, but also included comments and comforting feedback. And any person who undergoes a Master’s thesis knows that he/she needs a cheerleader in his/her corner cheering on. She was that for me.

I highly recommend DM Editorial Consultants. They will not only help you construct a successful paper and overarching idea, but also inspire you to dig deeply into your creativity.”

– Tawnee-

“DM Editorial Consultants truly care about their clients, their success and improving their writing. They are always willing to help at any time.”


“The consultants are very devoted to helping people become better writers. Mine never discouraged me when we were working together, but saw me as a successful person still adapting to understand the different forms of writing.”



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