Editing Services: Professional and Academic Writing

We gladly work with the full range of professional and academic writing types. Our pricing and turnaround time varies on word count, the quality of the writing, and prior contracts.

For example, a document that is 8,000-10,000 words (normal journal article or Master’s thesis length), pricing is $50-65USD. This price includes two readings of the document to ensure the best end result. Two readings means that the document is read, edited, and lightly revised once; returned to the client for further corrections; and then read, edited, and lightly revised a second time. Turnaround time on a document of this length is 2-3 days (excluding Sundays and depending on other contracts). Please contact us for further information, comments, or queries.

Please note: Most professional writing services (including grant proposals as well as application materials for professorships and post-doctoral fellowships) varies between $15-35USD depending on the length and quality of the writing. As with academic pricing, this includes two readings of the document to ensure the best end results.

Copyright/Confidentiality Notice We respect your intellectual property. Due to the private nature, innovative ideas, and ingenuity involved in in writing, we will not divulge any information about your argument to anyone. Your work will only be discussed between our top consultants for revising and editing purposes.

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