Please email or call (951) 312-9770 if you are interested in further discussing services, wish to ask questions, see editing samples, or desire to schedule a reading. We respond promptly to all inquiries. If you’re more comfortable speaking by telephone, please email us with your name and telephone number and we’ll be in touch with you quickly.

11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I have a 4000 word ebook I’ve published twice, but it’s not right yet. I would like you to analyze it, and tell me in general terms, how you can improve on it, before I pay you. Thanks, Jett


  2. Jeff,

    Our payment structure is half up front and then the rest when the assignment is over. If you would like us to provide a sample reading (roughly one to two pages as noted under samples) to see if our services fit your needs, then please email us at with the portion you would like looked over. Thank you for your query and we look forward to hearing from you,



  3. I need help with my Ph. D thesis, is this something you do, if yes I would like to schedule a phone meeting


  4. My turn to say sorry Dakota,

    Can we connect sometime this week, I would prefer in person as I have a bit of explaining to do but it that is not possible I can do over the phone too. Will Wednesday afternoon in Davis work for you, preferably in the afternoon.



  5. Hi Sri,

    Sadly, as I explained on the phone, I don’t live in the Davis area (I’m about 500 miles away actually). Would you be able to email me the complete details? Alternately we can talk on the phone around 4:10pm on Wednesday afternoon.



  6. Sorry just realised that I have a meeting from 3 to 5 tomorrow, is there any other time that is good for you tomorrow


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