DM Editorial Consultants provides competitively priced editing, revision, and other writing focused services for professionals and academics.

D. Mattson, M.A. in English Literature: Dakota works as a professor teaching English Composition and College Writing and has worked as a Graduate Writing Tutor in charge of overseeing and developing programs and workshops for her alma mater’s Writing Center. In both positions, she gained extensive experience working with a diverse range of students on a diverse range of paper topics. She is also a novelist and contributes her writing to scholarly conferences and publications.

M. Caulder, M.Ed. in Cross-Cultural Education: M. Caulder is an educator with many years of experience instructing students at multiple levels. She specializes in writing and reading services, working extensively with ESL and ELL students and authors.

Together we have edited many professional and academic works, including resumes, personal statements, journal articles, textbooks, etc. across a variety of disciplines including nursing, engineering, anthropology, psychology, and more.

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